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Monday, November 13
PTB Berlin-Adlershof, Willy-Wien-Laboratory, Magnusstr. 9, 12489 Berlin

Due to administrative regulations on radiation protection you need to be registered prior to this event.

16:00Introduction: PTB in Adlershof
MLS Lecture Hall
16:20Lab Tour
MLS Experimental Hall
17:00Welcome Reception & Discussion
MLS Lecture Hall
Tuesday, November 14
PTB Berlin-Charlottenburg, Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Building, Abbestr. 2-12, 10587 Berlin
8:30Registration & Poster Set-up & Coffee
9:30Opening and overview
A. Gottwald, M. Kolbe, F. Scholze, PTB
9:50Optics for EUV-Lithography with high NA
H. Enkisch, CZ-SMT
 Short Technical Break

Session I

Chair: F. Scholze

10:40Actinic EUV Metrology and Materials Characterization for the EUV Era in imec's AttoLab
K. M. Dorney, IMEC vzw
11:00EUV coherent scattering for wafer metrology
Y. Ekinci, PSI
11:20Soft x-ray: novel metrology for 3D profilometry and device pitch overlay
H.-K. Nienhuys, ASML
11:40How does solid microanalysis profit from innovations in EUV research
A. Winckelmann, BAM
12:00Conference Photo
12:10Lunch Break
13:00Poster session & Sponsor Presentation

Session II

Chair: A. Gottwald

14:20SiC-based photodiode with shallow emitter for radiation measurements below 200nm
N. Papathanasiou, sglux GmbH
14:40Evaluation of a laboratory-based EUV scatterometer for nanoscale grating characterization
L. M. Lohr, PTB
15:00FUV coatings based an AlF3 films
J. I. Larruquert, CSIC
15:20Irradiation Systems for accelerated Testing of EUVL Components
J. Vieker, ILT
15:40Lab-based EUV spectroscopy : A guide from data acquisition to the reconstructed sample
S. Glabisch, RWTH
16:00Coffee Break
16:30SPECIAL SESSION on 40 Years of Radiometry With Synchrotron Radiation at PTB
 Welcome by the President of PTB
C. Denz, PTB
 40 Years of Metrology with Synchrotron Radiation at PTB
M. Richter, PTB
 Towards A Materials Discovery Facility BESSY III
B. Rech, HZB
18:00Get Together Reception and Buffet Dinner
21:00End of Day 1
Wednesday, November 15
PTB Berlin-Charlottenburg, Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Building, Abbestr. 2-12, 10587 Berlin
Tuesday Nov 14 after lunch
Poster session
P01Partial Cross Sections of Methane from Photoemission Spectroscopy with Synchrotron Radiation
H. Kirschner, PTB
P02Autocorrelation functions of periodic patterns in soft X-ray metrology of semiconductor devices
H.-K. Nienhuys, ASML
P03Prospects for laboratory-based low-Z spectroscopy with a polycapillary optic and a curved reflection zone plate
Ch. Braig, IAP Adlershof
P04Mitigation of polarization-dependent uncertainties in a compact EUV spectrometer
S. Schröder, RWTH Aachen
P05Electron beam generated hydrogen plasma for material testing and cleaning
T. W. Mechielsen, TNO
P06Highly-Sensitive Ultraviolet Photoelectron Yield Spectroscopy: A versatile technique for materials analytics
D. Menzel, HZB
P07Design of a compact spectrograph for the spectral characterization in the EUV to VUV wavelength range
I. Gisch, RWTH
P08High transmission tender X-ray energy range monochromator based on Multilayer-coated blazed grating
A. Sokolov, HZB
P09Development and characterization of an EUV/soft X-ray Single-Photon Sensitive sCMOS camera
N. Abdurakhimov, greateyes
P10Fitting a complex layer stack: Optical constants and interlayer roughness from soft X-ray measurements
R. Ciesielski, PTB
P11Development of tender X-ray (1-5 keV) high-order multilayer coated gratings
Y. Zhuang, Tongji U.
P12Laboratory based sources and advanced reflection zone plate optics for ultrafast soft X-ray spectroscopy in the water window and at transition metal L-edges
H. Stiel, MBI